• Bouteille, Verre et Violin – Picasso





    Origin / Age

    Sweden ; 1988


    Frame 104cm h x 76cm w


    In the early 1900s, some artists stopped referring to reality and instead based their art on purely abstract form. Picasso, however, maintained a distinct relationship to everyday objects. His early cubist paintings contain fragments of shapes, aspects of a bottle, a glass or a guitar, identifiable objects that could be reconstructed in the viewer’s mind. In 1912, Picasso began making collages. By gluing sand and newsprint or cigarette paper into his images, he literally added pieces of reality to art. In this work, the newspaper cuttings have several purposes: one is shaped like a bottle, another describes its identity in text, “Journal” (newspaper), and a third forms a support for a drawn, cubist glass.

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  • Bouteille, Verre et Violin – Picasso

  • Bouteille, Verre et Violin – Picasso

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