• Coral and Diamond Necklace

    Spanish 19th Century

  • Fruitwood Standing Madonna

    South Netherlands 16th Century

  • Spanish Baroque Candlesticks

    Andalusia, Spain 18th Century

  • Polychrome Corpus Christi

    Spanish 18th Century

  • Spanish Navaja

    Saragoza 1820

  • Spanish Navaja

    Spanish 19th Century

  • Bullfighting Fan

    Spain 1950s

  • Baroque Sapphire Ring

    Spanish 1780-1800

  • Tiberius-Caligula Coin

    Cartegena 14-37 AD

  • Oak Relief Carving of the Resurrection

    Spanish/Portuguese 16th Century

  • Hispano-Moresque Mortar

    Spanish. 16th Century

  • Ivory Card Case

    Indo-Portuguese, 19th Century