• Brindisi Poster





    Origin / Age

    Ferrera, Italy ; 1979


    104cm (h) x 72cm (w)


    Born in Rome in 1918, Brindisi was trained by his father, a skilled wood carver, in Pescara and L’Aquila. He attended the Experimental Centre of Stage Design in Rome for a short period during 1935, he obtained a grant to study at the Institute of Book Decoration and Illustration in Urbino, where he specialized in graphic art and printmaking and served a further professional apprenticeship as an illustrator. His focus on social issues and protest culminated in the period 1960–61 with a series of large paintings devoted to the history of Fascism, in which figurative painting was combined with an approach modelled on the examples of Art Informel. The 70s and ’80s saw the continuation of the same theme distinguished by intense and violent colour and characteristically flattened figures in a two-dimensional space.

    Condition: Very good.

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  • Brindisi Poster

  • Brindisi Poster

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