• Huasos Spurs





    Origin / Age

    Chile , South America ; c1850


    31cm (l)


    This rare pair of Chilean spurs or espuelas were traditionally worn by huasos, or Chilean cowboys . The Chilean huasos hold a reverered position in the rich history of the country. Their endurance and expert horsemanship, marked by their signature sideways gallop, has earned the huaso the great respect of his countrymen for years. In fact, huaso dress, which includes a straw hat, or chupalla, a brightly-coloured poncho called a chamanto, a short jacket, loose fitting trousers, high boots, and for special events, elaborate stirrups and spurs and a red sash worn around the waist, has come represent Chilean culture in many respects. The spurs have especially come to hold a strong position in Chilean folkloric tradition.

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  • Huasos Spurs

  • Huasos Spurs

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