• Le Printemps – Salvador Dali





    Origin / Age

    Paris, France ; 1971


    Sheet 57cm w x 77.5cm h ; Frame 82cm x 104cm


    In the series 'Hommage à Albrecht Dürer', Dali pays tribute to the painter and printmaker often regarded as the greatest German Renaissance artist. However, this work would seem to be inspired by the Italian master Sandro Botticelli and his painting Primavera or Spring which hangs in the Uffizi gallery, Florence. From the centre left of the composition Dali has taken the Three Graces and reinterpreted them in his own fluid and innovative style. The Three Graces are sisters who in classical art are depicted nude and standing still or sometimes dancing as they hold hands. They are identified, from the left, as Voluptas, Castitas and Pulchritudo – Pleasure, Chastity and Beauty.

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  • Le Printemps – Salvador Dali

  • Le Printemps – Salvador Dali

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