• Le Repas Frugal





    Origin / Age

    Paris, France : 1966


    80cm (h) x 56cm (w) Frame


    The poster features one of Picasso's most famous etchings from 1904 titled 'Le Repas Frugal' or The Frugal Meal . It was  Picasso's second-ever etching and was completed when the artist was only 23 years old. Still considered one of his most accomplished graphic works, it is highly regarded as the final masterpiece of his Blue Period.  Reflecting Picasso’s preoccupation with the world around him, Le repas frugal pays homage to his Spanish roots, while examining the circumstances of his new home in modern Paris. Emaciated and elongated, the gaunt, yet understatedly elegant couple recalls El Greco’s portraiture. The heavily etched lines that connect the sitters emphasizes their supportive relationship, and heightens the sense of human intimacy and melancholy. The woman, who engages the viewer, is believed to have been inspired by Madeleine, Picasso’s then-lover. Her blind companion, appearing in profile, remains unidentified.

    Condition: Excellent


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  • Le Repas Frugal

  • Le Repas Frugal

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