• ‘Petits Nus’ – Salvador Dali





    Origin / Age

    Paris, France : 1967


    38cm h x 29cm w Sheet ; Frame


    Dali’s work was heavily influenced by literature and as a result, he used the works of Guillaume Apollinaire as inspiration for this suite. Apollinaire was considered one of the most influential literary figures of the early 20th century; his works influenced many artistic movements such as Dadaism, Cubism, and Surrealism. Petit Nu Apollinaire translates to Little Apollinaire Nude and this piece is one of 18 original etchings from the Secret Poems of Apollinaire Suite. The collaboration between Dali and art collector and publisher Pierre Argillet demonstrates the highest standards of quality and draftsmanship, and, as a result, the body of work is possibly the finest produced by Dali during his career. Between 1934 and 1974, the two men created and published nearly 200 works.

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  • ‘Petits Nus’ – Salvador Dali

  • ‘Petits Nus’ – Salvador Dali

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