• Polychrome Corpus Christi





    Origin / Age

    Spanish 18th Century


    32cm h x 24cm (w) x 7cm (d)


    Since the crucifixion of Jesus, the cross has become a key element of Christian symbolism, and the crucifixion scene has been a key element of Christian art, giving rise to specific artistic themes such as Ecce Homo, The Raising of the Cross, Descent from the Cross and Entombment of Christ. The symbolism of the cross which is today one of the most widely recognised Christian symbols was used from the earliest  times and Justin Martyr, who died in 165, describes it in a way that already implies its use as a symbol, although the crucifix appeared later. Over time the great masters of art such as Caravaggio, Titian and Rubens have all depicted the Crucifixion in their works.

    Condition: Repair to his right foot , missing left little finger.

    Please note: Price does NOT include delivery costs.

  • Polychrome Corpus Christi

  • Polychrome Corpus Christi

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