• Red Chalk Study





    Origin / Age

    Spanish 17th Century


    13cm x 21cm


    Drawing material can be made from various soft stones or earths. There are three main types of natural chalk: black chalk (made from stones such as carbonaceous shale); red chalk, also called sanguine (made from red ochre or other red earths); and white chalk (made from various limestones). Chalk drawings are known from prehistoric times, but the medium really came in to its own in the late 15th century especially in the hands of Leonardo, who made many drawings in red and black chalk. Some artists, notably Watteau, used black, red and white chalks in the same drawing.

    Condition: Three worm holes, creases left part of the sheet and tiny nicks to the edge. Old mount and frame with some wear to frame.

    Please note: Price does NOT include delivery costs.

  • Red Chalk Study

  • Red Chalk Study

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