• Spanish Chestnut Coffer





    Origin / Age

    Northern Spain ; c1550-80


    124cmw x 68cm h x 50cm d


    Mudéjar style, refers to a type of decoration used in the Iberian Christian kingdoms, primarily between the 13th and 16th centuries. The Mudéjars were the Muslims who remained in the former areas of Al-Andalus after Christian reconquest in the Middle Ages and were able to practice Islam to a limited degree. It is thought to have begun with Muslim craftsmen who applied traditional ornamental and decorative elements derived from the Islamic arts to Christian styles of architecture and eventually furniture. These decorative techniques included calligraphy, intricate geometry, and vegetal forms derived from Islamic art. Elements of this coffer appear to have this derivation including the geometric front carving, the spiral iron handles and the use of the boteh form of escutcheon.

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  • Spanish Chestnut Coffer

  • Spanish Chestnut Coffer

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