• Spanish Playing Cards





    Origin / Age

    Madrid 1801


    52cm w x 65cm h (Frame)


    Cartas or cards also known as Baraja Española (Spanish Deck) are the playing cards associated with Spain . Spanish suit symbols are cups, swords, coins and clubs (termed copas, espadas, oros and bastos) . This is the Old Catalan pattern one used since the 16th or 17th century which spread from Catalonia to Aragon and then throughout the rest of Spain until ceasing production in the early 19th century.
    These rare ‘cartas’  make a fantastic wall display framed in their individual suits. Giltwood frames

    Condition: Very good , missing ‘Ace of Clubs’

    Please note: Price does NOT include delivery costs.

  • Spanish Playing Cards

  • Spanish Playing Cards

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