• St Catherine – Oil on Copper





    Origin / Age

    Flemish 16th Century


    19cm(h) x 14cm(w) ; 31cm(h) x 26cm(w) frame


    St Catherine of Alexandria was born in Egypt in the Third century. Her dedication to the preaching of the Christian faith set her against the Emporer Maximin II who, when she refused to become his wife, ordered her to be bound between four wheels rimmed with spikes and torn to death. However a burst of fire from Heaven destroyed the wheels and so she was beheaded. St Catherine is a favourite theme of Renaissance painting and is depicted with a crown to show royalty, bearing a palm in token of victory, and carrying a sword the instrument of her martyrdom.

    Condition: Small losses to the paintwork

    Please note: Price does NOT include delivery costs.

  • St Catherine – Oil on Copper

  • St Catherine – Oil on Copper

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