• Visions of Venice





    Origin / Age

    France ; 1976


    30cm w x 7.5cm h Plate: 54cm w x 36cm h Frame


    In Venice August 1961 Dali staged a unique performance at the beautiful opera house, Teatro La Fenice. He announced that he would arrive in the city by whale but no one is sure if he actually did or not. There he proceeded to stage a most surrealistic performance..

    '... On stage a blind man watches television, a wardrobe mistress constantly irons, a carcass of beef hangs surrounded by flies, a limp watch is handed around; and before Dalí's famous paintings there are processions of limping beggars, gondoliers, and finally the Master himself in a gondolier's gleaming white uniform and a red Catalan cap.'

    Condition: Very good

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  • Visions of Venice

  • Visions of Venice

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