• Walnut Vargueno





    Origin / Age

    Mallorcan, Mid-17th Century


    85cm w x 43cm d x 49cm h


    Beautiful Vargueno or Contador with incised and ebonised latticework on the fall front and an iron lock, chain and carrying handles at the side. It has an arrangement of nine drawers inside each with a small ivory handle. This fabulous piece of Spanish craftsmanship dates to about 1650 and possibly originated in Mallorca.

    Warning: This item contains ivory. Be advised that several countries including the EU and the US now prohibit the importation of ivory items.

    This item has been registered as exempt from the UK Ivory Act 2018, on account of it being made before 1947 with less than 10% ivory by volume. Ivory declaration submission Ref : VULN65X5

    Condition: Later bun feet. Repairs to the drawer linings.

    Please note: Price does NOT include delivery costs.

  • Walnut Vargueno

  • Walnut Vargueno

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