The Blue Qur’an is a 9th century manuscript thought to have been copied in Islamic Spain or Al-Andalus , most likely Cordoba, although this has been disputed with a North African origin suggested instead. It is thought to be one of the greatest manuscripts of the medieval world whose patron was of great wealth and status.  The text is in Kufic calligraphic script, the vellum is a deep blue colour formed by dipping it in a rich indigo dye whilst the script itself is inked in gold . Each of the sura verses or chapters is demarcated by a silver rosette and there are 15 lines to each page. Cordoba was the primary centre for scientific and the literary arts during the Islamic rule of Al-Andalus . The pages were dispersed during the Ottoman period with most folios now in American and Tunisian museums. A leaf of the Blue Qur’an is up for sale at Sotheby’s Islamic sale on  27th October with an estimate of  £150,000-250,000 although I would think a much higher price will be achieved.