• Hispano-Moresque Bowl





    Origin / Age

    Manises, Valencia. 16th/17th Century


    44cm d x 10cm h


    A beautifully decorated copper lustre Hispano-moresque dish bearing the Maltese cross intersected with small stars on a raised ‘boss’ at its centre probably produced at the ceramic centre of Manises outside of Valencia. It has blue and copper floral decoration over the bowl, possibly wild bryony, with concentric copper lustre circles and motifs on the reverse. It probably dates to the late 16th century. 44cm(w) x 11cm(h)
    Manises became the ceramic producing centre of Spain during the requonquista around 1487 after Malaga fell in to Christian hands. Valencia had returned to Christian rule from 1238 and the influx of skilled potters from the south had started towards the middle of the 14th century. Most of the pottery was intended for the Christian market as they tended to include coats of arms in the centre of dishes as well as naturalistic plant decoration. The Maltese cross could relate to the Duchy of Almalfi in Italy a popular export centre prior to the production of Maoilica.

    Condition: Restorations present. Chipping to the rim and wear to the bowl as expected for a piece of this age.

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  • Hispano-Moresque Bowl

  • Hispano-Moresque Bowl

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