• The King of Aragon





    Origin / Age

    London. 1971


    Frame 92cm h x 78cm w; Plate 36cm h x 27cm w


    Lovely Dali Etching with Mezzotint printed in colours; signed and numbered 10/250 in pencil. Acid-free mount, framed and glazed. Early in the print run this was published by Christies Contemporary Art, London on watermarked wove paper with full margins. Sheet 67cm x 51cm. Frame 92cm x 77cm
    (Ref See: The Official Catalogue of the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali , Albert Field p80)
    King of Aragon is similar to other graphic work executed by Dalí in the 1970s, particularly his illustrations for his 1932 film scenario, Babaouo, which similarly modelled an image from an abstract splodge of ink set against a loosely drawn background. Here, the ink stain becomes the King’s royal robes trimmed in ermine. As there were sixteen monarchs of the House of Aragon, and possibly more, it is difficult to determine which King Dali was referring to. It could be James I of Aragon, known as ‘the Conqueror’ (1208–1276), who became ruler over the counties of the Principality of Catalonia in 1258. Alternatively, given his later religious fervour, Dalí’s etching may be reverence to another King of Aragon, Ferdinand II, ‘The Catholic’ (1452–1516). With his marriage to Isabella he united the Kingdoms of Aragon and Castille, forged a single political entity and initiated the forming of modern Spain.
    Condition: Excellent

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  • The King of Aragon

  • The King of Aragon

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