• Spanish Articulated Fish





    Origin / Age

    Mallorca , 1930's




    These fish display stunning silver work on every etched scale and with sinuous line-work that make them look very real. They display Art Deco elements both on their stylized fins and also to the face where we can see abstract angular motifs mixed in with a flower, which then surrounds the red glass eyes. On the lower left fin of each there is the hallmark of a Pentagram which is the Spanish quality mark from 1934 onwards indicating a minimum of .915 Silver purity. On one there is the mark PM which is the official assay for the Balearics (Palma Majorca) and then possibly an ant (?). These rare fish date to the late 1930s and are in great condition. They would make a spectacular and unique addition to any silver collection.
    Condition : Fine

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  • Spanish Articulated Fish

  • Spanish Articulated Fish

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