• Tiberius-Caligula Coin





    Origin / Age

    Cartegena 14-37 AD


    9 grams ; 26mm d


    Obv: TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGV P M legend with laureate head of Tiberius left. Rev: C CAESAR TI N QVINQ IN V I N K legend with bare head of Caligula left. RPC 182; Villaronga 132.3. 9.33grams
    Tiberius succeeded Augustus as emperor of Rome from 15-37AD and he in turn was followed by his adoptive grandson Caligula. Both reigns were dogged by poor leadership and government and, according to a variety of sources, were plagued with scandal and tales of debauchery. Caligula was assassinated in January 41AD. Carthago Nova or Cartegena in Murcia was founded by the Carthaginians in 228BC giving it the identical name of Qart Hadasht (Carthage) meaning New City. It was then conquered by the Roman general Scipio Africanus in 209BC and renamed Carthago Nova or New New City to distinguish it from the mother city. During the Roman period, it was the site of major silver mines, yielding a daily revenue of 25,000 drachmae. It was known also for the production of garum, a fermented fish sauce
    Condition: Very Fine & scarce coin.

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  • Tiberius-Caligula Coin

  • Tiberius-Caligula Coin

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