• Spanish Ibex





    Origin / Age

    Sierra de Gredos, 1972


    R horn 68cm with the curve, L horn 73.5cm, tip to tip 40cm.


    The Spanish ibex or Spanish wild goat, (Capra pyrenaica) is a species of ibex with four subspecies. Of these, two can still be found on the Iberian Peninsula, however two are now extinct. Their habitat extends all over the Iberian peninsula but they are more prevalent on the eastern side of Spain. The Sierra de Gredos is a mountain range in central Spain that spans the provinces of Ávila, Salamanca, Cáceres, Madrid, and Toledo. It is part of the much larger Sistema Central of mountain ranges and it has been declared a natural park by the Autonomous region of Castile and León.

    Condition: Very Good ; wear commensurate with age.

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  • Spanish Ibex

  • Spanish Ibex

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