• Leather Embossed Chest





    Origin / Age

    Spanish Colonial, Peru ; 18th Century


    60cm w x 37cm d x 38cm h


    The oak body clad in naively painted shaped or embossed leather with flowers, foliage, birds and a pair of lions either side of an iron hasp. There is a pair of iron swing handles to the side and a tooled leather band to the edge of the lid.

    Leather shaping or moulding consists of soaking a piece of leather in hot or room temperature water to greatly increase pliability and then shaping it by hand or with the use of objects or even moulds as forms. As the leather dries it stiffens and holds its shape. Carving and stamping may be done prior to the moulding process.

    Condition: Losses to the leather band on the right hand side. Wear commensurate with age. General discolouration to the paintwork. (See photos)

    Please note: Price does NOT include delivery costs.

  • Leather Embossed Chest

  • Leather Embossed Chest

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