• Baroque Sapphire Ring





    Origin / Age

    Spanish 1780-1800


    Size K-K1/2


    It has eight emerald cut sapphires around the periphery interspersed with a matching number of cushion cut stones and set inside these are a further eight that frame a slightly larger feature stone sapphire. Fabulous ornate gold scrollwork gallery leads down to straps each side of the shoulder and in to the band.
    The Baroque was a highly ornate and extravagant style of architecture and art that thrived in Europe from the early 17th until the late 18th century. It followed the Renaissance and was used by the Catholic Church to counter the austerity and simplicity of the Protestant movement. Beginning in Italy in the early 17th century it spread to Spain and Portugal and then on to Southern Germany and Austria where it evolved in to an even more flamboyant variant style, Rococo. The word Baroque is thought to have originated from the Portuguese word for an irregular pearl, barocco which in Spanish is barrueco.

    Condition: Replacement of one of the emerald cut stones. Possibly other replacements.

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  • Baroque Sapphire Ring

  • Baroque Sapphire Ring

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